Design Sartorial Scenarios is a group exhibition showcasing works and concepts of the first year’s master students from Fashion and Costume Design.

Location: The exhibition opens on 21st of May at JF Curated, Prinsens gate 10C, 0152 Oslo

During Studio 4, the students have been working on autonomous alternative suggestions for future scenarios in fashion and costume. What is a scenario and how can it be developed into a methodical tool?

The works are individual investigations and research towards upcoming Master project. Using research as an inspiration and backdrop to develop an understanding of how the future scenarios can be linked to a designer’s starting point, interest, experience, skills and expertise.


Fridtjof Brevig
Karine Næss and Theodor Vange
Mari-Liis Bunder
Negar Kazemian
Tone Bjerkaas
Veronika Kocarikova

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